Awards, Reviews and Testimonials

Awards received by the film

Jean-du-Sud Part one
(Narrates the first leg of the voyage, 52 min.)

La Rochelle International Film Festival (France, October 1983)

  • Palme d'Or (unanimous jury)
  • Prix de la Presse

Jean-du-Sud  (Part two)
(Narrates the second leg of the voyage, 52 min.)

Toulon International Maritime and Exploration Film Festival (France, June 1984)

  • Ancre d'Or (unanimous jury)
  • Prix du public

Turin International Sport Film Festival (Italy, June l984)

  • Gran Premio

La Rochelle International Sailing Film Festival (France, October 1985)

  • Palme d'Or (unanimous jury)

"With Jean-du-Sud Around the World."
(Videocassette and DVD version, narrates the whole voyage, 100 min.)

Troiá International Film Festival (Portugal, November 1985)

  • Premio da Regiao de Turismo da Costa Azul

Rome International Maritime Film and Video Festival (Italy, June 1987)

  • Gran Premio

(56 min. telefilm version)

Houston International Film Festival and 21st Annual Festival of the Americas (U.S.A., April 1988)

  • Silver Award

"We are delighted to say that your Silver Award assumes very special significance this year, as more than 2,500 entries were competing, and there were more than 85 entries in your category alone! My sincerest congratulations for your outstanding creative excellence in this fine entry. Superbly done! A delightful film! "

  1. Hunter Todd, Chairman and Founder, Houston International Film Festival, May 9th 1988

Comments in the English-Speaking Nautical Press about " With Jean-du-Sud Around the World"

-Quentin Warren, CRUISING WORLD, reviewing Part One,  November 1989

" In 1982 French Canadian sailor-filmmaker Yves Gélinas undertook a solo circumnavigation aboard his 30-foot Jean-du-Sud and chronicled the long journey on film. This video is the intriguing result of his efforts, a whimsical, sensitive, informative view of a remarkable trip and a self-effacing look at the man who completed it. As a sailor, Gélinas is resourceful and unflappable; as a filmmaker, he is infinitely imaginative and his subtle mix of camera angles and unexpected setups makes us forget that the entire event is taking place aboard a relatively small platform. We watch him bake bread below, repair gear on deck, bathe off the stern and endure a furious Southern Ocean crossing. Throughout it all, he talks us through the experience with a uniquely personal style and an endearing sense of humor. Best of all, he shows us what it's like to sail around the world alone."

-Peter Rowe, CANADIAN YACHTING, Spring 1995

(In an article entitled 'Five-Star Sailing Videos, our top Nautical Pick', film producer Peter Rowe rated "With Jean-du-Sud Around the World" as one of the six best sailing videos ever made.¹)

" The lone Canadian winner in our video round-up is also the quirkiest of the lot. It is personal, unique and to many viewers will be the most engaging. Quebec actor and film-maker Yves Gélinas took to sea in an Alberg 30 and during his circumnavigation made a 100-minute video diary of his adventure. Unlike most sailing videos, where the filming is often secondary to the voyage, Gélinas focuses on the act of film-making. As such this single-handed director is always looking for new and inventive ways to shoot his film at sea. At one point he dons a helmet-cam and swims away from his boat while it sails along in mid-ocean. In another remarkable segment, Gélinas flies his camera from a kite above his boat. Gélinas is a free-thinking loner. When he needs an electrical generator, he builds one aboard.² He not only bakes his own bread as he rounds the globe, but even grinds raw barley to make it with. It is clear that this Quebec vedette is not making Jean-du-Sud for glory at the Cannes film festival, but for the good of his soul. "I wanted to work full time to get some peace of mind," he tells us, "so I went sailing."

1. The five others:
1993-94 Whitbread Round the World Race -1993-94 - Rodger Vaugan, Gary Jobson, Peter Montgomery.  Knockdown: The BOC Challenge Single-handed Yacht Race -Don McIntyre, Around Cape Horn -Irving Johnson, Sailing in Heavy Weather -Mark Shrader, Cape Horn: the beauty and the fury -Gary Jobson, Jim Kelly

2. Peter Rowe could have added: "When he wants a better windvane, he designs his own"!

Charles J. Doane, SAIL, August 2005

“With Jean-du-Sud Around the World remains one of the most charming cinematic expositions on ocean sailing ever produced”


One of the most beautiful testimonials I have received about my film was forwarded to me at the Chatham Islands, some time before my departure for the second leg of my voyage.
It had been sent by an unknown lady who had just seen the film narrating the first leg, when it was broadcast in France. The letter had been addressed to " Yves Gélinas, Filmmaker and Sailor, Montréal Québec Canada ".

"I want to say Thank you and Bravo! It may be completely foolish to send this letter that will be lost, but some bottles at sea end up being found.... And after all, why restrain one’s impulses, one can sometimes act like a 10 year old. During one hour last night, I followed your journey with Jean-du-Sud and since then, it is as if I constantly re-lived those moments that you were able to show in a manner so different from what we usually see. Usually, one admires strength, competence, tenacity, technique, courage and in the great filmed exploits, it is usually what gets across. But with you, one can see all of this in the background, but there was something more I call soul. I was moved all along and I made plenty of mistakes in my knitting while I was watching and listening you describe your actions with kindness, in a natural and simple manner. What I have felt is that you make everything a leaven; it is the first time in my life that I allow myself to tell an unknown person how he moved me.

I wish you a lot of joy with Jean-du-Sud and come back on our screens. A friend from France."

Marie, Bondy, October 24, 1982

"All of us at the Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia want to thank you for a most enjoyable presentation. Your film, indeed, captures many aspects of a single-handed circumnavigation which most of us have only read about. Watching your remarkable film brings to life a voyage which the average sailor will never experience. I would be pleased to recommend your presentation to any groups considering it."   William G Warden IV, Entertainment Chairman, 7 March, 1988   "I want to thank you again for sharing your wonderful film With Jean-du-Sud around the World with the Windjammers last Friday night. It was all that I remembered it be and you must know how well it was received by the response from the audience. We expected the film to be terrific - if only because of the prestigious awards it has won - but I must say that it is your personal presentation that kept the people up with you all the way. You certainly have a great way of telling a story. "

Andrew Mutch II, Commodore, The Windjammers of the Chesapeake, April, 1990

"It is undoubtedly the best sailing film we've ever seen in all respects!"

Raymond P. Bishop, January, 1995

"We think your video is terrific!"

Don Baker and Duane Dodgson, Portland OR, February, 7, 1995

"I have just finished viewing your film With Jean-du-Sud Around the World and I must say WELL DONE! I thought that your seamanship, film-making, wit, and ability to cope, are nothing short of first class."

Gary Verge, Sheet Harbor, NS, February, 1995

"We enjoyed watching your video. It is not only of special interest to sailors because of your great adventure but it is a truly beautiful piece of artwork as well."

Jim and Mona Anderson, Toronto, December, 1991

"I have never been so pleased to spend money before in my entire life. Please find enclosed my check for $40.00. I can not begin to tell you the impact that your video has had. I have viewed this video at least four or five times already. I found myself enthralled with your voyage and personal experiences. I would hope to participate in the joy and satisfaction that you achieved in your voyage by embarking on a similar journey at some point in the future. You are to be commended for your efforts during your trip, the equipment that you developed and especially for the cinematography."

Reginald P. Danboise, Boston MA, December, 1991

"Thank you very much for the information and the incredible video. It was truly fantastic. So much so, that I have decided to keep it. It will be shown many more times."

Christopher C. Vassiliou, Atlanta GA.

"The circumnavigation, the film and the self-steerer are all magnificent."

Joe Laterra, Narragansett, RI, January, 1994

"It was a wonderful film and you are to be complimented on this extraordinary feat of sailing."

Robert J. Murray, Boston, MA ,July 1993

'Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us. You have done an incredible job, producing a film that allows the viewer to 'feel what you feel' when at sea. We viewed the video with three other couples who will be cruising in the near future, and all felt they were with you on Jean-du-Sud."

Caroll and Johanna Redden, Corner Brook NF, March, 1993

"Your film is the best offshore film I have seen. As Hemmingway said: 'it catches the feeling of the thing'."

Jim Gallup, Calgary, AB, October, 1992