The film With Jean-du-Sud Around the World

“Many consider this the greatest sailing film of all time   A must see for all sailors.”

In December 2016, the website of British magazines Yachting World, Sailing World, Yachting Monthly and Practical Boat Owner listed the 10 best sailing films released in the 1980s, with the above comment about With Jean-du-Sud Around the World.

Gélinas was an actor and filmmaker before he went sailing. His goal was to create a work of art that would paint a moving picture of his voyage and become his "masterpiece". Jean-du-Sud was awarded the Palme D'Or twice at the prestigious La Rochelle International Sailing Film Festival: in 1983 for Part One, the story of the first leg, ending with the capsize and dismasting of Jean-du-Sud in the Pacific; then in 1985, for Part Two. Entered in seven international film festivals, Jean-du-Sud won a total of nine awards: five Gold (two with unanimous jury) and one Silver. The film has been broadcast on television in eleven countries and has sold thousands of copies on VHS, DVD and downloads.

Now in HD

Thanks to the generosity of Don Peebles, a New York sailing enthusiast, the 93 minute film shot in 16 mm color by Yves Gélinas some 35 years ago has been re-mastered in HD.

Having worked in film himself, Peebles recognized the poetry and great artistic quality of the film; he felt it deserved a better support than a 30 year old magnetic transfer and should be brought up to HD standards. He contacted Yves and offered to have a 16 mm print re-mastered and color graded to High Definition in a New York facility at his own expense. In January 2014, Gélinas travelled to New York City for the restoration and was thrilled with the result: "It is a whole new film, the picture is sharp and crisp again, colors are vibrant, true to life, a new life is given to my film!" Gélinas could not have accomplished this single-handed circumnavigation through a route once considered impossible for a small yacht (and he could not have made a work of art of its narration) without a totally dependable self-steering system.  This film will give you a good idea of what life can be like on a little boat, sailing alone through the Southern Ocean and also convince you of the excellent performance of the Cape Horn Integrated Self-Steering System.

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