How to Weave a Magick-Bird

Connect the Pilot Oizo-Matick



Cut four stips
into two lists of Magick Paper

Or use fronds
of Magick Coconut
if you are already underway.

Weave two wings Identick
one into the other





To shape the body,
fold back and weave again.





What comes out atwarthships,
reroute fore and aft



Pull tight
Knot a head,
Curl a tail.




Once your fingers
are more nimble
and you have mastered the Magick
you can make 
the DeLuxe Six-Strip Model,
Slightly more Fantastick.

And practick the Formula Magick :

Divide infinite cosmick by finite logick
Add ener-getick Faith

Get Magick-Byrd Automatick !!