Outboard models Varuna, Joshua, Jade, Toucana

Combine simplicity of CapeHorn control mechanism, when installation through hull is not practical or on yachts with outboard rudder: Varuna for up to 35'-40', Joshua for 35'-40' and up).

 Varuna, Joshua for Step or Scoop stern

Horizontal control axle long enough to place steering oar at aft end of stern platform while keeping vertical windvane tower forward.

Front end of horizontal axle fastened to transom through U-shaped bracket, aft end through a pair of struts or directly to step if high enough.

Lines led to wheel (see above) or through blocks on quadrant or short tiller in place of emergency tiller.

Jade : Bolted to Transom

Mounting tube cut to transom angle, welded to plate bolted to transom.

Toucana: Under Boomkin

For larger yachts, Toucana built to Spray-Joshua scantlings.

Varuna, Joshua : Outboard Rudder

Behind outboard rudder with mounting arms and diagonal braces.

Varuna arms 1" (25 mm ) OD, 18 5/8" (473 mm ) apart, diagonals 7/8" (22 mm ).



Joshua arms 1.66" (41 mm ) OD, 21" (533 mm ) apart, diagonals 1" (25 mm ).

For boats above 35 - 40'.

Distance between arms increased for wide, open transom.

Fastened to transom (diagonals omitted).