Removable Mast Steps

The Best System For Climbing Up a Mast

Removable steps are inserted into 3 holes previously drilled in the mast as you climb.

Coming down, they are removed, which avoids adding weight aloft, windage or fouling halyards.

Made of 3/16 inch SS 316 rod, they are lightweight yet structurally strong.

Included template guides the drilling of 3 holes every 18 inches, on alternate sides of the mast.

The steps can be easily installed, mast up or down.

"I fitted the steps last weekend and I am very impressed with their ease of fitting and performance. A great and simple product, thankyou."
Gary Sherrat, S/V "UNDINE", Holyhead, Wales, UK

$12.00USD, $15.00CAD or 12.00€ each

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