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Integrated Self-steering System showing internal mechanism

A few Superlatives

(extracted from “Quotes from Satisfied Cape Horn Users”)

"Best money I ever spent on my boat!"

James Legere, Hunter 37 Cutter CALYPSO


"One word, Fantastic, describes it all. 

Plain and simple the best damn piece of gear
on the boat, except maybe the hull"

Bob Cooley, Westsail 32 Journey"


"Most important tool on the boat”
Don Goodspeed, Swan 43 Cygnus


“Best damn piece of equipment”

Greg Daum, Alberg 30


“Exceeded my expectations in all areas.”

Bob Shelton, Dickerson 39 Aequanimitas


"Works better than all our high expectations”

Christine and Michael Wiggins, Hans Christian 43T Ulu


“Absolutely ecstatic about not only the performance,
 but also in the overall quality of the product”

Neal Cirlot, Hans Christian 43T Prologue


“The finest piece of marine gear”

Keith Holmes, Hans Christian 43T Lady Guinevere


“Best helmsman aboard”

Diane Messier and Serge Charbonneau, Corbin 39 Veliserdi


“Steered beyond our expectations”

Daniel Chabot, Kelt 8,5m Exil


"Vote of my family : after six years,
our CapeHorn continues to be
 the best addition we have made to our boat - ever. "

Dave Kerr, 36.5’ Swarbrick designed sloop Pastime of Sydney


“Best piece of equipment. 
If there was any wind at all we did not steer"

Wilson Fitt, Benford 38’ cutter Christina Grant


"A work of art"
David Sanborn Scott, Niagara 35 Starkindred


Top prize for equipment goes to the CapeHorn.  
Finest piece of equipment we have ever used.”

Bruce Pettitt, Jacqueline Giannini, Gozzard 32 Wave Equation


“Most impressive piece of gear we have aboard !
Most amazing crew member we ever had !"

Rick Kennerly, Westsail 32 Xapic


“The most amazing crew member we have ever had”

Tom Patterson , Shannon 43 Sator


"An esquisite piece of gear"

David Ingibergsson, Hans Christian 43T MKII Tambadil


"If there was enough wind to sail,
CapeHorn was steering."

Donna Lange, Southern cross 28 Inspired Insanity


"Steers superb!"

Jan Wisten, Allegro 33 Confidence

"The CapeHorn performs perfectly. 
I have never met a better Helmsman. Unbelievable!"

Chris Karo, SV KIMBERLY MARIE, Parker Dawson Midship 26,

"Performed flawlessly.
The most aesthetic Self-Steering System on the market."

Bruce Richardson, Nicholson 31 Chance Encounter

"I can't believe somebody could come
up with something like that!!
This is the cleverest thing
I have ever seen! "
Robert Allen, SV CARMEN, Morgan Out Island 33,


Suite: 28 000 miles Without steering
CapeHorn Integrated Self-Steering

An image is worth a thousand words
and sending it by E-mail is so easy:
send us pictures of the stern of your boat,
the cockpit and lazarette area,
its steering gear, belowdecks if needed.

We will suggest a model and its installation,
and tell you what and where to measure
to build a gear that will fit your boat perfectly


Witness how some of our customers have, on their blog or web site,  described their installation and use of the CapeHorn




Beneteau First 375 ASCENSION

Bristol 32 KESTREL


Cape Dory 28 CELTIC RAY

Cape Dory 36 FAR REACH

Contessa 26 BIRGITTA

Contessa 26 CAVENDYSH

Ericson 39B SENTA II

Frances 26 Anihoya

Hallberg Rassy Monsun JANNA

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus


Kaskelot 10.30 SALT

Kelly-Peterson 44 TAJ

Pacific Seacraft Dana SOCKDOLAGER

Pacific Seacraft Orion SAOIRSE

Pearson 33 HERMES



Westsail 32 NEVERLAND

Westsail 32 RODE TRIP

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CapeHorn is the choice of

Andy Shell and Mia Karlsson for ARCTURUS. Andy is quite involved in the sailing universe and recently made a Podcast with Yves Gélinas, on his life and acheivements. You can read more articles from Andy and Mia on SailFeed or on their website, 59North, Ltd

Sail Twice Around
Non-Stop Sail around the World

Donna Lange, who already made a solo circumnavigation with the help of our gear, will soon undertake her second voyage around the world.

Good luck Donna!

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